• scam-alert-cash-advance

    Cash Advance Fee – Scam Alert

    Jun 26, 2015 Sara Miller

    By the passing day, increasing number of reports regarding loan scams have been received by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). These scams are being conducted by certain people who are claiming to be representatives of firms such as Cash Advance America, Advance America Payday Loans, and Advance America. How does it work? […]

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  • titile loans main image

    What Is The Real Price Of Title Loans?

    Jun 24, 2015 Sara Miller

    The Center for Responsible Lending mentioned in a report, which was issued this week, that consumers who have exhausted their borrowing options are the ones who use their automobiles and vehicles as collateral and pay $3.5billion in interest each year for title loans, also known as auto title loans. The report illustrated that on an […]

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  • 5 Tips on Utilizing Your Paycheck Properly

    5 Ways to Get By With a monthly paycheck of Less Than $1500

    Jun 16, 2015 Sara Miller

    People who earn less than $1,500 on a monthly basis can find themselves facing tough situations and choices especially with the sky high costs of various products and services these days. If you use up all of your monthly income without saving anything, then you will be living paycheck to paycheck, which isn’t a very […]

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  • The US banks that are looking to go into cash loans

    Are The US Banks Going Into The Short Term Loan Business?

    Jun 15, 2015 Sara Miller

    The US banks that are looking at lower incomes from overdraft fees and debit cards are increasing their marketing tactics to focus on the provision of short term loans. This has prompted the interest of regulators who are starting to question banks as to whether they are on their way to providing the same risks […]

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